Wales Hits First Milestone For Vaccinations

Welsh Government Proudly Announce First Vaccination Milestone Reached

Today in Mark Drakeford’s press conference, it was announced that Wales has hit it’s first vaccine milestone after the first 4 high priority groups have been offered a vaccine in just 66 days.

Vaccination Figures

In just 66 days, the first-dose rollout of the vaccine has reached over 715,000 people in the Wales, that’s around 1 in 5 people, with the following 4 high priority groups being offered the vaccine:

  • Everyone over 70
  • Front line health & social workers
  • Everyone living or working in old person care homes
  • Everyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable.

The government is urging anyone in the categories above, who have either not received an invitation for the vaccine, or for some reason missed their appointment, to reach out and get an appointment booked.

The vaccination plan going forward

Mark Drakeford went on to note that over the next coming weeks, they are expecting the rollout to reduce in speed for a brief period of time, but they are aware of it and expect the rollout to increase in speed after this period.

The government are now rolling out the vaccine to the next priority groups, which are:

  • Everyone aged 50 to 69
  • Everyone over 16 with an underlying health condition
  • Unpaid carers who care for someone else who is vulnerable to the virus

A Long Road Ahead

Overall, the news delivered by Mark Drakeford today is a sign of great progress, but there is a lot of work to do before things start returning to normal.

Daily cases are continuing to fall, but must remain to do so if restrictions are to start easing.  There is still risk of complications down the road from new variants that could spread around the UK

During the questioning segment of the press release, Mark Drakeford hinted at us heading towards similar restrictions as last summer, with us being able to eat out and meet people. Whether, like last year, live events will not be part of those restrictions is still unknown.

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