Venue Guide: Hangar 18

This week, we decided to take a look into a music venue that is very close to home: Hangar 18. Not only is Hangar 18 based in Swansea, otherwise known as Ticket247 HQ, but it is also run by one of our co-directors, Matthew Jones. Here’s all you need to know…

Well for starters, the venue now known as Hangar 18 has been a nightclub for roughly 30-40 years. But when Matt and his partner Sara were looking at the club, they had to practically beg the estate agent and owner to take them seriously. Planning permission had already been granted to demolish the building and turn it into flats, which would have meant the home of Swansea’s legendary clubs such as Top Banana and Milkwood Jam would’ve been lost to new development.  

Hangar 18 patrons getting into the spirit

Once they had secured the location, due in part to their previous experience at their other venue Crowley’s Rock Bar, the real work could begin. The venue, formerly known as The Scene had been closed for around 18 months and had been left in a state of despair. The work was completed within 2 months and in July 2018, Hangar 18 opened to the public.  

Hangar 18 boasts a large stage, state of the art PA system and large lighting rig, which gives them an arena feel perfect for large shows. They also hold a 3am late licence 7 days a week and fortunately, they are also close to the bus station so you never need to worry about getting home.

Named for its high ceilings which make it look like an aircraft hangar, and also for the Megadeth song, Hangar 18 has been providing opportunities for young people within Swansea since its opening. For the past few years, in the time before the pandemic, the DJ Society at Swansea University would be involved with running each Tuesday night at the nightclub. This allowed new DJs a chance to run their first club nights, working with industry-standard equipment, giving them valuable experience.

Hangar 18’s DJ nights enables young people a chance to have a go at DJ-ing for a large audience for the first time

Hangar 18 is also home to the Area SA1 Open Mic night, which allows local artists to perform, but also to come together and create a sense of community within the Swansea music scene. 

While the pandemic has put a stop to these events, for now, that wasn’t going to prevent Matt and Sara from continuing to improve their venue. Renewing their lease during the pandemic, Hangar 18 wasted no time in diversifying.  They now have the facilities to live-stream all future events for those who may not be able to attend and are currently working on turning their top floor into a recording studio which will be available to rent out within the next few months.  

Despite being one of the newest venues, Hangar 18 is one of the top-rated live music venues in Swansea. All the reviews comment on the great atmosphere, friendly staff and reasonable prices. It’s the place to be if you love rock music, and if you love Swansea equally as much, you’ll be pleased to hear that they are also home to the ‘Swansea Til I Die Fest’ taking place in December 2021. 

Matt and Sara are hoping to re-open later on this summer, you can check out their website here for more information.