The Swansea Fringe Festival Returns!

The Swansea Fringe Festival logo

After being postponed last year due to coronavirus, the Swansea Fringe Festival is returning this autumn!

The Swansea Fringe Festival is taking place from 21st – 24th October 2021. The three-day festival currently boasts around 180 different artists, but there are more acts yet to be confirmed.

Thursday’s event opens the festival with a range of stalls and acts playing live. While the venue is yet to be announced, rumour has it that it will be the party of the year – something you definitely don’t want to miss!

How does it work?

After this opening event, the festival kicks off. For those who don’t know how the Swansea Fringe operates, venues from all around the city will have stages where the artists will perform. Tickets are exchanged for wristbands which grant entry for all venues participating in the festival. When all the acts have been confirmed, a timetable will be published stating who is performing, where, and when.

However, you don’t need to buy a ticket in advance to join in with the fun. There are free events taking place over the weekend, and attendees will even be able to pay £5 on the day for entry to individual events – so if there’s only one band you’re desperate to see, you don’t need to pay for the whole weekend! The event organiser, Joe Bayliss, is also working to ensure that the festival is as accessible as possible for everyone this year.

A great range of local artists and venues for you to enjoy!

There’s something for everyone at the Swansea Fringe, with a range of music, comedy, and spoken word performances. Each venue will have a different themed stage, meaning you can either go around the city trying the whole range of acts on offer or just camp out at your favourite venue. Some of the artists already confirmed include; Trampolene, Lost Tuesday Society, Man, The Orange Circus and Drew Taylor. While the full line-up is yet to be announced, The Swansea Fringe Facebook page has all the acts confirmed so far.

The venues themselves reflect the range of artists who will be at the festival, with confirmed venues including our beloved Hangar 18, the National Waterfront Museum, Brewdog Swansea and the Gamer’s Emporium.

All acts are local to Swansea or the surrounding area. The festival is a great way to support and learn more about local artists and venues after a very difficult year. The festival prides itself in the sense of culture it creates for attendees and performers, who are granted an opportunity to meet other artists within their community.

More Information

There is still a lot of exciting stuff to be announced about the festival this year, but we promised not to tell! All we can say is it’s going to be a great weekend which will more than make up for the postponement last year. If you’re interested, you can follow updates on The Swansea Fringe on their socials: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

You can find out more information about The Swansea Fringe Festival on their official website and you can purchase early bird tickets, which grant access to all days and the launch party, on Ticket 247.