How to Start Selling with Ticket24/7

Unlike other ticket sales platforms, with Ticket247 you can have your ticket sales for events up and running in just 5 simple steps, completely free of charge.

Step 1- Create an account 

When you enter the ticket247 website homepage, under the search bar you will see ‘add your event’. Click here to get started. This will take you to our ‘sell with us’ page. Scroll down and click ‘get started’ Once that’s done, you’ll be directed to create an account or log in. 

Fill out the necessary information for your login, and you’ll be directed to the sellers dashboard.

Step 2- Find your way around the sellers dashboard.

On the left hand side of the page, there is a drop-down menu bar with all the different components of a sellers dashboard. ‘Dashboard’ ‘events’ ‘pages’ ‘orders’ ‘scanners’ ‘finance’ and ‘reports’. Here, you can manage multiple different pages, events, ticket sales and more.

 Step 3- Create a page. 

The first thing you’ll need before creating an event, is a page to link it to. This will be your sellers webpage for people to see, here you can direct people to your social media links, have them notified when you upload a new event, and more. Simply click ‘pages’ from the drop-down menu bar and ‘add new’, fill out all necessary information there. This will be about who you are (a venue, events management company, or independent artist) For example, if you own two venues, you can have 2 pages. Don’t forget to add a photo to stand out!

Step 4- Add your events.

On the drop-down menu bar, click ‘events’ and then ‘add event’. Here you can list the event, the dates and locations and manage ticket quantity and price. Along with what page it will come under. This means you can select which events are where and manage it easily. Once ‘create event’ has been selected, the event can be made public. 

Step 5- set up your payment.

Last but not least, you’ll need to set up your stripe payment so that you can manage your payouts. On the menu bar, click ‘finance’ and then connect with stripe.

There you have it! You’re now up and running with Ticket247. 

To manage your seller page, you can use the options in the drop-down menu bar. As we’ve covered so far; ’Dashboard’ gives you a brief overview of your page, events, and finances. ‘Events’ is where you can manage your events or add new ones. ‘Pages’ is where you can manage your web pages for different businesses. Along with these you have ‘orders’ where you can view all ticket orders and search for an order by name should any issues arise. ‘Finance’ gives you full control over your payouts and earnings, ‘reports’ is a vital business tool, enabling you to select dates and pages/events to print off business reports, and finally ‘scanners’ is designed to make your ticket entry at events or venues easy with our ticket scanning app – see more at 

If you have any issues or queries, our team is always here to help. Just email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.