Independent Venue Week, 2022


If you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed a music event, we’re giving you a reason to ramp up that energy, call your friends and start making plans because Independent Venue Week has just begun, and if you’re someone who enjoys the culture of live music as much as we do, this might be the perfect place for you!

What are we talking about?

Independent Venue Week is a celebration of music venues that takes place for 7 days around the country. These venues provide a grand opportunity for local artists to experience their first performance in front of an audience and you get a chance to get up close to artists that might one day play the main stages, as well as watch some of your favourite musicians, perform live, of course. 

Since the pandemic, Independent Venue Week is hosting its first in-person event which runs from 31st January to 6th February 2022 and this year’s celebration is bound to witness over a hundred grassroots venues in cities across England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. It is a nationwide initiative with a local fee and 66 locations have signed up to be a part of this annual celebration, 180 venues of which are outside London.

What more? Mace The Great is the ambassador for the event representing Wales, the British indie band Wet Leg is representing England, Joesef, Scotland, and singer-songwriter, Bridie Monds-Watson aka SOAK is the ambassador for Northern Ireland. A brilliant mix of live performances, stars on stage, lights, the crowd, and nothing but pure musical energy, the Independent Venue Week is your chance to escape routine and celebrate ‘the spirit of independence and culture of venues and music.’  

The first three days were a corker with massive gigs that sent the crowd into a frenzy and some early shows from the ambassadors but, you can still catch up and be a part of this fantastic event. 

Check out what’s on in Swansea below.

The Bunkhouse

Wed 2nd Feb
Bandicoot | Motel Thieves | Ralf | Clwb Fuzz

Thu 3rd Feb
Doomsday Outlaw | Static Fires | Cancel the Transmission

Sat 5th Feb
Zac & The New Men | The Night School | The Shunkos | Grey Flex | 100 Acre Wolf

Sun 6th Feb
Ashestoangels | A Night Like This

Tŷ Tawe

Tue 1st Feb – RESCHEDULED to Fri 6th May
N’famady Kouyate´

Thu 3rd Feb 

RESCHEDULED to Fri 29th Apr
MR (Mark Roberts)

Sat 5th Feb

 RESCHEDULED to Sat 30th Apr
Ani Glass | SYBS

Click the link to find detailed information for all Independent Venue Week shows.

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Covid-19 Measures

Please note that venues may have their own COVID-19 protocols to maintain the health and safety of their communities. Ensure that you read the venue’s individual websites for requirements and protocols before attending any event.