Gerry Cinnamon Performs in Swansea

The first week of June in Swansea was all about enjoying the sun and planning outdoor activities, but the Singleton Park in Sketty, known for its beautiful botanical gardens and a history of some of the biggest music performances like Stereophonics and The Bottlemen, had people gathered in large crowds on the 4th of June to watch Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Cinnamon perform a huge outdoor show for his Swansea fans.

On the Jubilee weekend, thousands of people were spotted making their way up to the park to attend the event that marked the beginning of the singer’s UK and Ireland summer tour of 2022.

Back in April 2020, Gerry Cinnamon’s second studio album, ‘The Bonny’, debuted at number one on the UK and Irish Albums Charts. The album was also the third-best-selling UK album of 2020 and the year’s fastest-selling vinyl.

This year, the crowd was delighted to see him perform live as the singer dominated the stage at Singleton Park with his natural ability to connect with the crowd through his songs.

His fans cheered, sang along, and moved to the beats as he performed a list of his top hits; Canter, Lullaby, Sun Queen, Belter, Dark Days, Sometimes, Mayhem, Ghost, What Have You Done, Sacred, and other songs from his two popular albums. The artist also surprised his audience with some Welsh gigs.

Over the last few years, Gerry Cinnamon has grown from a self-released album artist to a star who now fills stadiums and arenas. On the demand of his devoted fans, he repeated the songs “Where We’re Going” and “Canter” at the concert in Swansea.


The singer had a string of concerts to which the tickets sold out in minutes. He performed at Gleneagle INEC Area, Killarney on the 14th of June, Irish Independent Park, Cork on the 15th, Belfast on the 19th, and in Glashow on the 16th and 17th of the month.

His return to the stage this year has thrilled his fans, who are eager to catch him live again in the near future.