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Flexible Payouts

Nobody likes waiting around for a ticket site to pay you once your event is over!

With Ticket24/7 you can receive advanced payouts rather than being paid at the end of each event! (Terms and conditions and eligibility restrictions apply)

Low Booking Fees

There are no fees for selling tickets and our standard customer booking fees are £1 minimum per order or 10% of face value.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss custom pricing or kickback incentives.

Easy Ticket Scanning

Streamline entry to your events with our free ticket scanning app for iOS and Android.

There's no need for expensive scanning equipment with Ticket24/7 - use any existing mobile device to scan and verify our digital tickets.

Speedy Checkout

Don't miss out on sales through long winded check out processes and lots of questions.

With Ticket24/7 your customers can order tickets within 60 seconds, even if they haven't purchased tickets before!

Dynamic Dashboard

We've created a powerful yet intuitive dashboard to make it easy for you to get your events online with less fuss!

Easy access to all the information you need, including live information about sales, orders and finances, 24/7!

Implicit Marketing

Once registered, you will automatically receive a landing page on Ticket24/7 to showcase all your upcoming events!

Buyers subscribe to your page for automatic email notifications of recently added events, generating extra sales with no effort!

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Start selling tickets to your event within minutes!

  1. Instant sign up with your Facebook account or email address
  2. Create a Page to showcase your venue/business and all your upcoming events
  3. Add an Event with as little or as much information as you like
  4. Add one or more ticket types and associated prices
    You can schedule the on sale dates/times and set allocated quantities
  5. Your good to go! Mark the event as 'Live' and it will instantly appear on our site
    Events will also show on your own website if you have set up integration and any followers of your Page on Ticket24/7 will be notified of your new event to boost sales!

Simple, transparent financing

It's completely free to list events on Ticket24/7, and unlike other platforms, we have a simple booking fee structure and provide live information on your finances.

  • Simple 10% (minimum £1) customer booking fee per order - no annoying additional fees!
    Ask us about custom booking fees and kickback incentives
  • Access real-time stats on your seller dashboard and use the reporting section to simplify your accounting
  • Visit the finance section to see your pending and available balance at any time
    Want advanced payouts ahead of event completion? Get in touch and we'll be happy to review your account!

No need for expensive ticket scanning equipment

Streamline your entry procedures and scan tickets fast using the Ticket24/7 Scanning app:

  • Scan tickets using any existing mobile/tablet with built in camera
  • Compatible with most versions of iOS and Android
  • App quickly detects QR codes with minimal effort
  • Scan one group booking ticket and mark all associated tickets as used in one go
  • Rescan tickets to allow exit and re-entry

Powerful seller dashboard

Access the intuitive seller dashboard for live information at a glance:

  • All the information you need in one place
  • Real-time stats including ticket quantities sold and revenue
  • Easy access to key features like adding/updating an event
  • Intuitive design - no need for hours of training

Targeted event remarketing & promotion

We haven't just made it quick and simple to sell your event tickets online, we've made promoting your event and maximising ticket sales easier than ever!

  • All your events will be listed on a dedicated page - a handy landing page to link from your socials and promotional materials
  • Buyers subscribe to your page when purchasing tickets, building up a mailing list of active event goers
  • Automatically send event announcements to all your page followers at a specified date/time, giving an instant boost to ticket sales!

Need a more bespoke service?

We're not just a great online event ticketing platform, we create solutions that transform your business!

We work closely with all our customers to ensure we are providing the best possible service and meeting all your needs. Head over to our business blog to find out about our tailored services including free website design and hosting for venues, promoters and businesses!

We think we're the best online ticket platform available right now and a great alternative to EventBrite or Ticketmaster for selling tickets to your live event, venue or festival. Don't just take our word for it though, read why some of our customers always use Ticket24/7...

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