Top Tips to Increase Ticket Sales for Your Next Event

There are plenty of ways to market an event using social media, but the basic question of how you can increase your ticket sales for an event remains, doesn’t it? We’re here to give you a few useful tips that will help you get as many people as you possibly can to attend your next event.

Let the event do the work

Before you plan a pricing strategy, make sure the event itself grabs the audience’s attention. Firstly, create an eye-catching event page. People will typically learn about your event for the first time on the event page, so it’s helpful to have a page that outlines basic information such as the contact details, the venue, information on where to buy tickets coupled with great taglines or headers, and quality photographs of the event or previous events.

 Rely on a ticketing website

Ticket websites are primarily designed to make your ticket selling experience as smooth as it can be. Using a ticketing website helps you manage the selling of tickets online and handle the payment administration as well. With a platform like Ticket24/7, you can set up an account and start selling in just five simple steps, completely free of cost! Check out our detailed guide on how to start selling with Ticket247.

Set a price range

This can be slightly tricky because it will set the framework for all the other steps you take to increase ticket sales. If the price is set too high, there’s a slim chance that people will pay for the ticket, and if the price is too low, you may be unable to cover the costs. Hence, draw up a detailed plan that will help you determine a suitable and realistic price for the tickets.

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A video to build the hype

You may already have a website or social media platforms to promote your event, but a more effective way of attracting an audience would be to post a video teaser of an upcoming event. A short, fun, yet informative video that gives people all the basic information they would look for when attending an event is one way of increasing your ticket sales. Give it a try.

A little more marketing   

If you’ve got everything in place, but still have quite a few unsold tickets, don’t be afraid to do a little last-minute sales push. To create a sense of urgency, you can post the “book soon” and “last chance to book your place” posts on social media or offer a variety of vouchers with the tickets as well. All it takes is just a few simple marketing steps, and some out-of-the-box ideas to increase your ticket sales.

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Happy Ticketing!