More Tips to Promote Your Next Event on Instagram

In our previous post, we compiled a few tips and tricks on how you can promote your event using Instagram, an app that has become a part of our daily lives! If you haven’t already read our blog post on How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Event, give it a read.

By using creative content, a well-planned marketing strategy, relevant hashtags, and a visually appealing page, you’re sure to attract a good number of people to the event, but in this article, we give you a few more tips to level up your marketing game!

It’s all about stories

No, we’re not talking about writing an essay to explain the event. It’s Instagram stories you need. Millions of people use the feature of Instagram stories every day, and most of these stories are created by businesses. This tool can be used in many ways; by uploading a video or a picture of your event with a ‘swipe up’ feature that allows your viewers to register, creating hype around your upcoming events, or posting a recap of the event. This is also a great way to highlight key details, so make sure to mix and match those stories with both videos and photos.

Experience and feedback

This may not sound easy, but it goes a long way in building and keeping your audience’s trust. You may collaborate with people who have attended events in the past and ask them to share positive feedback or their unique experiences about it. This allows more people to start noticing your page. People inspire people. You can also have influencers or sponsors post about your event with relevant hashtags and creative content to reach a wider audience.

Create a Highlight album

Why? The Highlight album is a feature that appears right below your bio and makes it easy for people to learn about your company or page. The advantage of this album is that, unlike Instagram stories that disappear within 24 hours of uploading them, the Highlight album remains on your page permanently. A convenient and useful tool to pique your viewer’s interest!

Make your event ‘Instagrammable’

You don’t have to change your venue to suit an Instagram feed, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to build a few Insta-friendly walls or spaces at your event. Many cafes, museums, and art galleries these days are taking a step towards catering to Instagram-obsessed visitors, and so can you! This will not only create a strong social media presence but also encourage your visitors to post more about your page on their social media as well. Give it a try.

Now you’re all set to make your next gig a grand success using these tips for Instagram! Keep in mind that being consistent is key, and Instagram should be an essential tool in your marketing strategy.