How To (Part 2): Add Tickets to Your Event

So, you’ve created a selling page and an event page. What’s next? Ideally, the next step would be to add tickets to your event. We’re here to help you understand how you can Update or Add Tickets to Your Event.

Step 1: Create a Ticket Type

To allow people to buy tickets to your event, you’ll need to add one or more ticket types. Browse to your event in the seller dashboard and click the Create Ticket button.

Step 2: Enter Basic Details

Enter the required details and specify the allocation allowed for this ticket type i.e. the maximum number of this type of ticket you want to sell. Once this limit is reached, the ticket type will still be displayed on the event listing but will be marked as sold out.

At this point, you can click create ticket and then proceed to add further ticket types, if required.

Step 3: Set Advanced Options (Optional)

Alternatively, click the Show advanced options link to display more options. By default, the tickets will be available for purchase straight away and go off sale an hour before the event start time. If you set a date in the future for the tickets to go on sale, then they will still be displayed on the site, but will be listed as ‘Pending on Sale’. You can use the Enable checkbox to set whether or not the ticket is displayed on the live listing.

By default the tickets will be limited by the maximum event capacity (if one has been specified in the advanced settings on the Create/Edit Event page). You may wish to turn this off for a particular ticket type e.g. for sundry items that have no impact on the event capacity.

Step 4: Viewing/Editing Existing Tickets (Optional)

All added ticket types, will be listed on the Event Details page in the seller dashboard, along with associated prices, details, and sales data:

You can make changes to a ticket type at any point by clicking the Edit button (pencil icon) on the tickets you would like to update.

There! Now you can update or add tickets to your Ticket24/7 page in just three easy steps. It’s that simple.

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