How To (Part 1): Create Your First Event

Create your first listing and start promoting your event on Ticket24/7, in just five simple and easy steps:

Step 1: Create a New Event Listing

First choose Events in the seller dashboard menu then click Add New. Once the Create Event page appears, you can fill in all of the details about your forthcoming event. Choose a catchy title and don’t forget to include an image! To upload your own image, simply click the default image and a file selector will appear for you to pick any image (please ensure you have the rights to any images used).


Step 2: Select/Add a Venue

The next step is to find a venue. To do this, simply start typing in the Venue Search box. After that, you’ll be given a choice of possible locations from which to choose.

If there isn’t a venue in the system that you’re looking for, select Add New Venue, enter the location, and save the venue. This is something you’ll only have to do only once because the next time you create an event, you’ll be able to search for and select the location as described above.

Step 3: Enter Long and Short Descriptions

Add any important details about the event in the Description box. You don’t have to turn this section into a short story, but remember that the more information you provide, the fewer queries customers will have! As a minimum, we’d recommend including brief details about the artist, the performance schedule, any details around age restrictions, and of course what to expect during the event.

With us, you can even enter an SEO friendly Short Description so you can decide what is displayed in Google Search results or when a client shares a link on Facebook. E.g. ‘Old School Club Night at VenueX, Swansea, 4th July 2022’.

Step 4: Save and Publish

Now for the final step, click Create Event when you’re happy with all the entered details. You will then be taken to the Event Details screen, where you can add tickets, view attendance, check live sales totals, and more. The listing will be added in Draft mode at first and will not be visible on the site until you click the Publish button in the Status section.

So, there you have it! Your event is now up and running on Ticket24/7 and discoverable on search engines! Next, follow the simple steps on how to add tickets to start selling tickets to your newly created event!


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